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This gallery contains the works from the artist's original Digital Paintings.  Mr. Maestas has chosen to classify a section of his original and wonderful work as Digital Paintings, because that is what they truly are.  Yes, he uses the computer, hardware and software as the tools to complete his art much like the traditional painter uses oils, brushes and canvas, but he uses his imaginative and creative mind to create this art.  The traditional artist starts with the blank canvas, Mr. Maestas starts with a blank screen.  The finished art imagery you view here comes from deep within the artist's inner being as much as any other traditional artist imagery does from theirs.  Mr. Maestas states "I am simply an artist incorporating the latest technology to create original art that comes to me in dreams and life's experiences.  Let us leave it at that and enjoy the art for what it is and not by whatever manner it was created with." 


                                     To purchase a specific art piece contact the artist directly at 720-300-8344.

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