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This gallery contains works from the artist's Poetry and Art Series.  The artist states "these select pieces dipict the personal, emotional, physical and mental states we will all encounter in our lifetime. 

May we all find inner strength and peace when they come our way!"


To purchase a specific art piece with poem contact the artist directly at 720-300-8344.


It was a bright early morning,
New York City was shining.
I turned on the TV,
saw the Twin Towers burning.


People were running and screaming,
I knew so many were dying.
The cloud free day,
was forever changed by terror and mourning.


What once was a beautiful skyline,
was toppling as we were all crying.
September 11, 2001,
thousands of people would all be gone.


We shall never forget this day,
America will remain strong and brave.
What the world endured,
will always be remember



The image of twin towers burning in their eyes,
the once mighty towers began to crumble by surprise.
Thousands turned and started to run,
no longer able to see and feel the beautiful morning sun.

Deprived of their strength and power,
that instant lying helpless like a wilting flower.
Bewilderment at the immediate spectacle,
an attack that will forever be memorable.

So many people lost their lives that fateful day,
those that remained wept and prayed.
The world we live in no longer the same,
we will never forget those that were slain. 



Children of 09/11/01,
you will be turning 10.
What can we say,
the human race has gone astray.


The tears our 09/11/01 children shed,
never knowing their fathers or mothers thay said.
Ten years for the children have now passed,
hearing stories about those fateful plane blasts.


We try and keep you safe,
by keeping high security in place.
Christina-Taylor Green
probably never saw his face.


Christina-Taylor was only 9
when she was standing in that lot,
the little girl born on 09/11/01 is now gone,
another tragedy this time by a man with a gun.



Thousands left us feeling alone,  
the babies born have grown.
If you could see this world today,
people are still tracking their prey.


Seems so long ago,
that tragic September morning show.
We the living,
many of us still grieving.


We think of you everyday,
trying to forget how you perished that tragic day.
We miss your joy and laughter,
will see you again in the hereafter.


You were lost,
but never forgotten.
When we lay down in our beds,
your beautiful faces still appear in our heads. 



President George Bush
landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003.
Told the world “Mission Accomplished,”
we all knew this was not to be.

It has been written,
the man that attacked America
with terrorists trained by his hand,
was not in Afghanistan but in Pakistan.  

Ten years after the attacks,
the Al-Qaida leader was tracked.
A stealth helicopter came in the night,
US Navy Seal Team 6 on that flight.

They entered the compound,
Osama Bin Laden was taken down.
Killed, wrapped and buried at sea,
“Mission Accomplished” for all of thee.



Century 16 Multiplex in Aurora, Colorado,
July 20th an evening with friends, family and bravado.
Batman, The Darkman Rises premieres at midnight,
a madman is lurking in the dark without light.

The emergency exit door is where he re-enters,
dressed in black he would become the center.
The gunman throws a canister into the crowd,
smoke begins to fill the air like a storm cloud.

Gunfire begins to erupt,
it all seems so abrupt.
The innocent crowd in theatre 9 is caught,
when it ends seventy are shot.

Twelve people lost their lives,
others were fortunate to survive.
Columbine comes back into our mind,
another act of senseless violence is caused by mankind.

Gun control debates rage on,
faces in the crowd now gone.
One of the victims, a beautiful child of six, was lost,
America we must “STOP THE VIOLENCE” at all cost!



Standing in my jail cell,

thinking about my final farewell.

A free bird flys by,

along a cloudy grey sky.


I had so many choices,

now all I hear is victim’s voices.

Standing in this jail cell,

La Virgen de Guadalupe and Gabriel.


Reaping havoc and vengeance,

I was given a death sentence.

Judge put me away,

I will never see another free day.


Hours, days and years go by,

body ink faded and dry.

Standing in this jail cell,

regret raising so much hell.


Standing in this jail cell,

execution day has come where I dwell.

Twenty years have now passed,

with his forgiveness I am Gabriel a “Man of God” at last.



Thirty eight years ago at 17 he became a man,
strong and healthy joined the military was the plan.
Honorably discharged in ‘77,
felt like he was in heaven.

Worked hard for 30 years of his life,
took horrific spills, felt he was cut with a knife.
Never asked for worker’s compensation,
back to work was his salvation.

As the years went by,
the falls he took began to apply.
Pain and suffering began to creep,
body broken and aching could no longer sleep.

Now alone he cries in his state of fragility,
realizing he no longer has physical mobility.
Walk in his shoes for a day,
the “PAIN WITHIN” no longer allows work or play.


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