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March 17th, 2013


The story behind this art piece entitled "A Father's Struggle" depicts our father's battle with diabetes and his fate towards the inevitable.

Our father went into the emergency room on January 17, 2010 from complications associated with diabetes; he was never to go home again. That evening was to become the first of four major surgeries that the doctor's would perform removing our father's lower extremities trying to save his life.

For sixty eight days our family watched our courageous father battle this cruel disease and fight to live one more day. During this time he showed us what the true meaning of life was and how precious each day is. We all became more compassionate human beings as we watched our father suffer and witness the passing of a parent.

About the Art Piece

The Room: Represents the hospital rooms and nursing home room our father was taken back and forth to between surgeries. The rooms became our father's sanctuary, a place to meditate, pray, visit with family and friends. His new sanctuary became a place where he touched doctors, nurses and staff with his love, compassion and humor in spite of his battle with this deadly disease.

The Blocks: The four falling blocks represent the four surgeries our father endured within a sixty eight day period at 84 years of age. First block represents surgery #1, the amputation of our father's left foot. Second block represents surgery #2, the amputation of our father's left leg above the knee. Third block represents surgery #3, operation on right foot to remove deadly staph infection that was entering his bloodstream. Fourth block represents surgery #4, amputation of his right leg below the knee.

The Sphere: Represents our conversations about peace on earth. It was something our Dad wished he could have witnessed during his lifetime. I ask "will any of us ever witness this?"

The Man: Represents our father in all his sorrow, thoughts, questions, prayers, reflections on life, meditation, decisions, friends, family, pets, loss of his lower extremities, loss of a man's independence, bitterness, hopelessness, end of life and so much more.

Our father passed away on March 25, 2010. This art piece is dedicated to him and the suffering (emotionally, physically and mentally) he endured at the end of his life. He was truly a great man and I hope I show the strength that our father showed all of us when my time comes. We miss you Dad!

Rest in Peace
Eddie Maestas
December 9, 1925 - March 25, 2010

* After our father's passing I made a promise to myself and to my father to somehow raise public awareness about the devastating effects of diabetes. By exhibiting this art piece and story in various art galleries, blogs, forums and having it published I have fulfilled my promise.



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